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You are here: Producers » Partners and suppliers

Weihermattenweg 2
79256 Buchenbach

SIKO was founded in 1963 by Dr.-Ing. Günther Wandres in Buchenbach. Since the very beginning quality and precision have been their priority. The first production included only handwheels with analogue position indicators, which brought company's success and determined the direction of its development in the future – i.e. production of industrial devices for distance and angle measurement. Nowadays this idea is being continued by founder's son, Ing. Horst Wandres, who took over the company's management in 1990. The proper choice of the development direction was confirmed by the following new products introduced to the offer. In 1977 the company launched the production of digital position indicators, which replaced the analogue indicators. In 1990 SIKO launched the production of magnetic measurement systems, which replaced the expensive optoelectronic devices.

Nowadays the company produces a wide range of measurement devices such as: rotary encoders, linear meters, programmable displays integrated with converters, axial positioning actuators and inclinometers.

The company's development takes place in cooperation with clients. A number of customized technical solutions resulted in launching new products. The big company's success comprises of good sales organization and innovative solutions.


In SIKO's offer you can find:


Mechanical and electronic position indicators

● hollow shaft diameters from 6mm to 35mm

● various indication values

● metal or plastic housings


Gravity position indicators

● analogue and analogue-digital display

● easy mounting in practical handwhee


Wire-actuated encoders

● measurement ranges from 15m

● integrated with analogue, potentiometric, rotary-pulse converters

● possible outdoor installation



● absolute and incremental

● optical and magnetic versions

● with solid and hollow shafts

● analogue, potentiometric, SSI, CANopen, Profibus, PP, OP, LD5, LD24 interfaces


Electronic programmable digital displays

● various voltage

● incremental or absolute inputs

● LCD or LED displays

● RS232/RS485 interfaces


Magnetic length and angle measuring systems

● cylindrical or cubicoid casings of sensors

● incremental and absolute systems

● high resolution up to 0,2µm

● magnetic strips and rings

● angle measurement up to 0,1°

● measurement range up to 163 m



● compact casings

● rotation speed up to 1600 rpm

● torques up to 15,0 Nm

● maximum motor performance up to 160 W with 24VDC

● integrated positioning controllers

● positioning in absolute and incremental systems

● Profibus-DP, CANopen and RS485 interfaces



● angle range 0..360°

● RS232+I, RS232+U, CANopen interfaces