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Kiepe GmbH

You are here: Producers » Partners and suppliers
Kiepe GmbH

Kiepe GmbH
Kiepe-Platz 1
D - 40599 Düsseldorf

Kiepe is a leading manufacturer of devices for belt conveyor systems control and monitoring. They comply with the high international safety standards of services and devices and are designed to operate in difficult conditions. Their casings are made of aluminium and are designed for heavy-duty applications. The IP67 protection level provides weather resistance and excellent application outside. Switch contacts are resistant to vibrations and their life reaches up to 1 million switching cycles.

Kiepe GmbH products


In the new offer there are products for the following applications:


  • in explosive atmosphere with Atex II 2D, II 3D
  • in temperature from -40°C
  • in Dupline bus network


Kiepe offers:


  • pull rope emergency stop switches
  • robust limit switches
  • misalignment switches
  • speed monitoring
  • misalignment switches for bucket elevators
  • belt wear monitoring