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Bihl + Wiedemann GmbH

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Bihl + Wiedemann GmbH

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH
Floßwörthstr. 41
D - 68199 Mannheim

Bihl+Wiedemann delivers automatic devices connected with machine steering technology and whole technological lines based on industrial networking solution As-Interface.


In the company's offer we can find the following products:


  • AS-Interface master s (Stand-Alone control units or units equipped with other interfaces: Profibus DP, Profinet, CANopen, CC-Link, DeviceNet, Modbus, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, etc.)
  • AS-interface masters with integrated safety monitors
  • different digital input/output modules
  • analogue input/output modules (IP20 and IP65)
  • input modules for sensors Pt100
  • OEM products (PCB boards of all available I/O and AS-Interface masters)
  • expert devices – networking analysers, tuners, terminators and repeaters
  • AS-Interface power supplies
  • master simulators (Profibus DP, CANopen, etc.)
  • monitors and I/O safety modules (AS-Interface Safety at Work)


Bihl+Wiedemann was the first company which introduced and gained certification for new standard of AS-I v.3.0 network, which enabled faster analogue data transmission as well as diagnosis of the whole network from the control unit level. It was also the first company to develop the concept of a safety monitor integrated with AS-Interface master and implemented it into mass production.