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MTS Sensors

You are here: Producers » Partners and suppliers
MTS Sensors

MTS Sensor Technologie GmbH & Co. KG
Auf dem Schüffel 9
D – 58513 Lüdenscheid

Precision, stability and measurement repeatability proves to be synonyms for MTS Sensors (Temposonics) in the world of linear position measurement. High quality has been the priority for this world leader in absolute linear encoders production. The quality has been proved by numerous certificates and industrial applications around the world. Basing on their 10 years' experience MTS uses magnetostriction in production of non-contact converters of linear position, speed and fluid levels. MTS offers their devices in profile and bar versions with the measuring ranges from 25 to 15000mm, accuracy within 1µm, repeatability 0.001% of the scale and linearity deviation not exceeding 0.01%. There are also special encoders available (e.g. with enhanced pressure resistance, redundant or with ATEX certificate).


The basic group of linear position converters contains three series:




A group of most precise, fast and fully configurable sensors with a wide range of output interfaces:

● analogue signal in the current as well as voltage standard (0/4 ...20 mA; 20....4/0 mA; 0...10 V; 10...0 V; -10...+10 V)

● digital output  (SSI Grey's code or binary; possibility to change the length of frame data; synchronic measurement/asynchronous ; optional parity and end bit (PB i EB)

● network interfaces (CANbus; CANOpen; POWERLINK; Profibus DP-V1; DeviceNet; EtherCAT)


- measuring range: 25-7600 mm

- high resolution (analogue output: 16 Bit, digital output: CAN 2 μm; Profibus, POWERLINK, EtherCAT 1 μm; SSI 0,5 μm)

- intuitive programming

- possibility of speed measurement

- simultaneous multi-position measurement – up to 30 positions.




Programmable sensors with built-in auto diagnosis, fully compatible with older products of the company, available interfaces:

● analog signal (0/4 ...20 mA; 20....4/0 mA; 0...10 V; 10...0 V; -10...+10 V)

● digital output Start/Stop RS 422, SSI


- GB converter – construction designer for complete enclosure in an actuator

- measuring range: 50-7600 mm

- resolution: up to 5μm

- simultaneous multi-position measurement – up to 15 positions.




Sensors for applications demanding simple and economical solutions. Available interfaces:

● analog signal (0/4 ...20 mA; 20....4/0 mA; 0...10 V; 10...0 V; -10...+10 V)

● digital output: Start/Stop RS 422


- measuring range: 50-3250 mm

- resolution: up to 10μm

- low price


Newtech Engineering owing to such good equipment and experienced staff provides you with full technical support in choosing as well as exploitation of the MTS equipment. Our everyday full and professional support proves that MTS makes a considerable difference for those who need to measure linear position in a reliable way. This idea is compliant with the producer's motto: MTS the Measurable Difference.